Tuition and Fees

Tuition Due Dates

Tuition Due Dates

  • Summer 2024 tuition is due on May 20, 2024
  • Fall 2024 tuition is due on August 7, 2024

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Tuition & Fees (2023-2024)

2023 - 2024 Tuition

The below rates will applied to student bills for the Fall 2023 semester, and thereafter, until further notice.  These reference tables are subject to change.  Tuition rates can also be viewed on the official .

UNEXPECTED OUT-OF-STATE CHARGES?  If you have questions regarding Tuition Residency Rate charges you've received, please contact Admissions, Records and Registration for assistance. Email them at: ar@phoenixcollege.edu; or connect through Chat, by visiting: phoenixcollege.edu/chat.




per credit hour


per credit hour

Maricopa County Resident */**

All Maricopa County residents and other Arizona counties, not including Apache and Greenlee, are eligible due to reciprocal agreements with each county.

 $97.00 $145.50

Out of County Resident

Residents of Apache and Greenlee counties without an out-of-county Residence Affidavit. 

$531.00 $579.50

Maricopa County Senior Resident

Maricopa County residents age 65 or older taking courses for credit or audit. Senior students may enroll in any course(s) having availability as of the second class day.

They are responsible for all other fees and charges; registration and payment requirements apply as well. The rate currently is set at 50% of the County resident rate in effect in a fiscal year.

$48.50  $72.75

Out of State - Residing in Arizona

Students enrolling in any amount of semester credit hours, District-wide. Out-of-state residents residing in Arizona who do not qualify for in-state residency.

$372.00  $420.50 

Distance Learning/Online ***/+

Online courses only, out of state students and those not meeting Maricopa County Resident requirements.

$253.00 $379.50 

Western Undergraduate Exchange Program (WUE)

Students participating in Program.

$145.50  $218.25 

Updated: 7/24/23





The fees presented below are applicable to all academic years, until further notice:




Students pay an Audit Fee for each credit they audit, in addition to tuition and fees.   $25
Registration Processing
Per semester, per college. Non-Refundable.   $15
Returned Check,
per check
Official - per document
Student Refund Checks,
Check Copy
Student Refund Checks,
Stop Payment

Explanatory Footnotes



Explanatory Footnotes

The footnotes below apply to all years: 

*  Students from any other county in Arizona are considered Maricopa County residents (in county) due to a reciprocal arrangement with that county. Reciprocal agreements allow for in-county tuition rates for residents of all Arizona counties except Apache or Greenlee counties without an Out-of-County Residence Affidavit.

**  According to ARS §15-1802F, “A person who is a member of an Indian tribe recognized by the US Department of the Interior whose reservation lies in this state and extends into another state and who is a resident of the reservation is entitled to classification as an in-state student.” Therefore, unclassified and out-of-state surcharges do not apply to such students.

***  According to ARS §15-1470, community college districts may offer credit and noncredit courses and services outside of this state. A district is not entitled to state aid payments for students who are provided courses and services outside of this state

 This rate applies to out-of-state students who are taking distance learning courses or students who are taking classroom-based credit courses through a contract agreement between MCCCD and the company they work for. This rate does not apply to Study Abroad Programs as there is a separately calculated rate for those students.